An Irish global garden gathering -of plants

A Global garden gathering.

Ireland, once home to a little fragile flora

When only a scatter of seeds

Could make it a beyond the border

Of Blocking glaciers and frozen seas,


A forest of strawberry arbutuses

Stood stalwart by a McGillacuddy stack

Shivering heaths hid creviced like monks

In a limestone Burren crack.


When ice recedes and land heats up

And rocks are clothed in soft moss

Brazen plants from many biomes feel up

To travel and fly the planet across.


Over shower cold Corrib floods

Chilean fire trees dare to dangle and display

Desert Callistemon uncorks a wet red brush,

While murderous sundews pretend to pray.


Araucaria that once slid down modestly

Like llamas on knees on the scree of the Andes

Parade in lifted miniskirts along a Kilkenny

Landlord’s Thomastown broad allees.


Crouching rhododendrons from high Canton

Regrabs the glens of a Connemara Beann.

Skinny Aussie gum trees used to blazing affrays

Stand bough naked, bronzed by a damp Irish haze.


Gunnera’s prickly stalks from water garden banks

Escape to flagellate Achill’s mombretia’d fiery flanks.

Hibernia, once an anchorite in the frozen grasp of winter

Is now a hot garden strumpet where no urge is unhindered!


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